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“When we need to understand what is driving the behavior of our small business advertisers, we turn to Quonundrums.  The team delivers the information we need to make our marketing programs more effective.”

“We worked with Quonundrums on both qualitative research and an extensive market segmentation. Seth and his team were extremely nimble providing great “counsel” to a young brand.  The work they did was smart and most importantly insights from the research were immediately implemented.”

“Quonundrums is terrific and their research is well constructed and invariably impactful.”

“Quonundrums does excellent work, are incredibly strategic, and are terrific to work with.  (Also, super-smart.)”

“Quonundrums clearly knows their stuff and their process works well. We knew our project would be challenging from the get-go, and Quonundrums was willing to take extra steps to work with us as people and needs changed.”

“There’s a point in making sure a company keeps its focus and priorities on the customer, where moving from intuition to incorporating empiricism is critical. We reached that point and Quonundrums was indispensable in connecting these two dots. Their expertise on the subject was some of the best I have seen in my 30-year career. Quonundrums’ process was also very effective because they involved many different functions and levels from the company which was a big factor in uptake and buy in.”


Customers are your key to success.
Let’s get inside their heads.

So, what exactly does Quonundrums do?  The short answer is we solve your research riddles. The longer answer is that we employ strategic market research techniques—during online, phone, mail, mobile, and in-person discovery—to uncover the research data and insights that will ultimately drive and support your business strategies.

The What


  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth Interviews (both C2C & B2C)
  • Ethnographies


  • Online & Telephone Surveys
  • Data Modeling
  • Competitive Analysis


  • Brand Tracking
  • Satisfaction Tracking
  • Usage & Awareness
  • Segmentation
  • Pricing
  • New Product/Concept Testing



One size never fits all.

We provide the services you want, and the people you need, in a way that makes the most sense.

We’re A Boutique, Not A Behemoth

Quonundrums is a small, savvy research team. That means we’re responsive, quick on our feet, and far more cost-effective than larger research firms. We’re able to provide one-on-one consulting. And you’ll work with the same team of people from start to finish.


Our No Cookie-Cutter Approach

At Quonundrums, we take the time to do things right. We delve into your questions and concerns. We design a research program specifically tailored to address them. And we deliver data and insights that help you realize your business objectives.


Small Jobs, Big Jobs, Any Jobs

We run a lean, mean research machine. But we also have relationships with other research firms and numerous independent consultants. So we can quickly assemble a team that’s the perfect size, with just the right skills to meet your particular needs.



A small team with big credentials.

Together, the Quonundrums team has over 59 years of experience. (And, yes, we had to research that number.)

Seth Cohen

Seth Cohen

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Kimberly Horning

Kimberly Horning

Amy Graglia

Amy Graglia

Research Director
Emma Courtney

Emma Courtney

Associate Director
Alex Alsberg

Alex Alsberg

Research Analyst
Emma Nystrom

Emma Nystrom

Project Recruiter
The Dogs

The Dogs




The question we’re most asked.
So, what’s with your company’s peculiar name?

In 2011, when Kimberly and Seth joined forces, they needed a name for their new venture. After applying their extensive research skills to unearth the perfect moniker for their company, and spending countless hours testing the options in front of focus groups, “Quonundrums” emerged as the clear winner. At least, that’s what we tell people.

The truth is that “Quonundrum” is an early spelling (from, like, 1780 or thereabouts) of the word “conundrum.” And since solving our clients’ conundrums is precisely what we do, we decided to run with it.


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