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Emma Courtney

Associate Director

About Emma

Emma has over nineteen years of experience in developing and delivering compelling brand and integrated communication strategies that deliver on every level. She was previously Chief Executive of ABL Cultural Consulting and spent a formative part of her career working for worldwide PR leaders Weber Shandwick. Emma established her successful brand, marketing and research consultancy practice in 2007 which specializes in the creative industries. She is based in the UK and joined the Quonundrums team in 2014 as UK Associate Director. In her role with Quonundrums Emma specializes in using creative facilitation techniques to add value and meaning to hard business strategy and brand building. She has worked across a diverse project portfolio for the company including global market segmentations, client journey modelling study and producing brand insights and strategy for market leaders from fashion, gaming and online dating to finance, social media and major tech brands. As a Chartered Marketer Emma holds the highest professional marketing qualification in the UK. She has a BA in Philosophy and English from Queens University, Belfast and is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) and Market Research Society (UK).

Emma Courtney
Emma Courtney

Why Emma loves working in research:

In the Johari’s window model there is a quadrant aligned to ‘not known to self’ and ‘not known to others’ – in other words the completely undiscovered area where we don’t know what we don’t know. This space has always been the area that excites me most. Research can uncover insights that no one had even considered and that can be a game changer for business and the wider world. Helping to make that happen is a privilege and a passion for me.

Life outside of research:

Emma has abseiled down the most bombed hotel in Europe, the Europa in Belfast, dressed in a leopard print catsuit and heels. She won £92,000 on a gameshow with her husband and sings a mean rendition of Gershwin’s Summertime. Emma is a truly terrible cook but absolutely loves eating and visiting Michelin star restaurants. She has fallen off her incredibly naughty Arabian horse about eleven billion times, but always gets back on that horse.