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Seth Cohen

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

About Seth

Seth has been at the forefront of pioneering research strategy for over twenty-five years. Having held senior marketing and research positions at Excite@Home, Charles Schwab and Visa, Seth founded and led eBay’s transformational Consumer Insights team. His team was responsible for all primary research for eBay and PayPal, including advertising testing, segmentation, brand tracking, and customer satisfaction measurement. Seth moved from eBay to help launch media technology platform Spot Runner. As Vice President of Marketing for Spot Runner he oversaw their international expansion, PR, brand, product marketing and research.

In 2011 Seth founded boutique research consultancy Quonundrums with Kimberly Horning. Quonundrums quickly established an impressive client base of global technology brands and the most exciting tech start-ups coming out of Silicon Valley. He holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, and a BA in Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Seth Cohen
Seth Cohen

Why Seth loves working in research:

I like solving problems. Business is complicated and messy, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Clients can come to us with just a question (no research brief necessary) and we can craft an answer. But it’s more than that. We create a process to explore those questions, we capture information from clients and stakeholders, and we turn it into answers that really mean something. It’s like cooking, but our pots and pans are qual and quant, our ingredients are people’s thoughts and emotions, and we serve insights that help drive our customers’ business.

Life outside of research:

Seth has an encyclopedic knowledge of movies, celebrities, and 80s songs/bands and is therefore in high demand for pub trivia contests. He is a keen cyclist, avid traveler and huge fan of Bernese Mountain dogs.