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Jonakee Reynolds

Market Research Analyst

About Jonakee

Jonakee is a bilingual researcher who recently graduated from Whittier college with a self-designed major focused on entrepreneurialism. Representing Gen Z on the Quonundrums team, he offers unique insights rooted in authentic lived experiences. Jonakee has a certification in qualitative research from UC Davis and is hugely passionate and driven in discovering the motivations behind human needs, attitudes and behaviors.

Jonakee chose Quonundrums to launch his research career after taking many business and marketing classes in college to build a solid foundation of theory and knowledge. Prior to starting at Quonundrums Jonakee has worked in an art gallery advising on and selling art, tutored young people, been a telemarketer, and co-host radio presenter. He also helped with the development of See Something, Say Something, a teen led-teen focused suicide prevention initiative that received national recognition, such as winning the Verizon Innovative App Challenge.

Why Jonakee loves working in research:
I love problem-solving and learning. Quonundrums’ clear ‘no cookie-cutter’ approach to solving research puzzles and company culture gives me a unique opportunity to do both at once. This makes me very passionate and motivated about the work we do and allows me to gain new perspectives about the way businesses and people work along the way. I also love meeting and working with smart, talented people and this allows me to do that on a daily basis.

Life outside of research:
Jonakee enjoys traveling and being in the outdoors. He always has some sort of seasonal activity he is pursuing, whether it be backpacking, canoeing, hiking, fishing, skiing, scuba, and more. He is also very extroverted and tries to attend 2-3 social events a week.

Jonakee Reynolds
Jonakee Reynolds